Chiropractic wellness provides relief from nerve and muscle pain.  Chiropractic restores health in a way no other medicine can. A chiropractic adjustment allows the nervous system to heal itself. Restoring the function of your nervous system the pain and dysfunction that was caused by the pinched nerve begins to heal. This is the simplicity and […]


is an amazing procedure that fixes painful conditions in a way that nothing else can. For spinal conditions, often the tissues around the spine has become tight, full of painful trigger points along with a scar like tissue called fibrosis. Because of this, acupuncture is a wonderful addition to the chiropractic adjustment. Acupuncture helps to […]


like chiropractic, is a hands on technique that brings healing to a tight, stressed body. The hands of a massage therapist are healing hands finding the areas where the body is dealing with day to day stresses or overuse that has settle in the muscles. Dr. Ehle highly recommends massage therapy to augment the chiropractic […]

Applied Kinesiology

is a comprehensive diagnostic technique that assesses the muscles, nerves, acupuncture system, and nutritional status to determine the cause of the problem. Dr. Ehle’s practice has been centered around the use of Applied Kinesiology (AK) for over 25 years. AK is a technique used to evaluate structural, chemical and mental aspects of health, using manual […]


is the chemistry the body uses to live, supply energy, and to heal. Clinical nutrition is the understanding and application of dietary needs and biochemistry. In general illness can be summed up as a deficiency or a toxicity, we have to little of a nutrient of too much of a substance the body is not […]


Spinal Disc Decompression Therapy is a non-surgical, low force, comfortable way to treat herniated or bulging discs of the low back and neck. Anyone with low back pain with or without leg pain may benefit from spinal decompression therapy of the low back. Also, anyone with neck pain with or without arm pain may benefit […]