Knee Pain Treatment - Amarillo TX

Knee pain is deeply concerning to athletes. The only way a knee performs well is to have all the musculature around the knee performing well. It is the muscles not the ligaments that hold the knee together while walking or running. If you fall and injure the knee you may think the trauma to the knee is what is causing all the pain. Often during a fall the force of the fall is transmitted to the pelvis and low back impairing the mechanics and the nerves from the spine. This will weaken the muscles around the knee due to the nerve deficit producing a weak painful knee. This results in pain from the fall and pain due to nerve/muscle weakness as a result of the impact of the fall.

How Dr. Ehle treat knee pain

Dr. Ehle uses his AK skills to determine if there is any muscle weakness around the knee that is the cause of instability and pain. There are more than a dozen muscles that are intimately involved with the function and stability of the knee. To an athlete, this is of extremely important to prevent injury. Many sports injuries are simply a product of overloading an area where a weakness exists. The body amazingly will recruit all the muscles around a weak area to prevent injury but during an athletic event the system often gets stretched beyond its ability to recruit other stabilizers. Dr. Ehle is able to test the muscles to better understand if the muscle is working in all ranges of motion and during various activities.