Massage Therapy in Amarillo, TX

Massage therapy, like chiropractic, is a hands-on technique that brings healing to a tight, stressed body. The hands of a massage therapist are healing hands finding the areas where the body is dealing with day-to-day stresses or overuse that has settle in the muscles.

What are the benefits of our Massage Services?

Dr. Ehle highly recommends massage therapy to augment the chiropractic adjustment. Relaxing tight musculature, and normalizing muscle function, plays a huge role in restoring range of motion (ROM) to the spine and extremities. Massage Therapy has many benefits, some of which are: relieving pain, improving ROM and joint flexibility, stretching adhesions in tissues, and reducing stress and anxiety; thereby, improving sleep.

Our Massage Therapist

Vianca, our massage therapist, is gifted to locate and gently relax and release the tensions built up in stressed or overused muscles. She helps patients recover faster from injuries and episodes of painful muscle tension.

Dr. Ehle applies the chiropractic adjustment to restore nerve supply and increase ROM to the vertebral segment. He enlists Joshua’s help to restore muscle function around the affected area, in order to achieve faster healing and pain reduction.

Getting a massage can be quite beneficial. Scheduling regular massages can do even more. This is the benefit of caring for yourself. Taking part in this form of ‘regularly scheduled self-care’ can play a large role in helping you to maintain your health…remaining more youthful over time. Budgeting time and money for maintaining your health at regular intervals is a worthwhile investment.