Conditions we treat

Headache Treatment

Dr. Ehle has treatment options that provide headache relief.  Chronic headaches and migraines affect many Amarillo residents. The often debilitating pain affects their families and jobs. The primary causes are structural (spinal nerves and muscles), chemical (hormones, allergies and blood sugar) and emotional (muscle tension and stress hormones). The most common approach to relieve a […]

Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain affects us all at some time. We often use OTC pain relievers to get us through the episode. Neck pain can be much deeper than a brief episode of muscle tension. Arthritis, disc degeneration/bulge, nerve impingement, heart and gallbladder disease are just a few of the conditions that can produce neck pain. Adjusting […]

Shoulder Pain Treatment

Shoulder and arm pain can be due to over use, trauma, or arthritis, but often it arises from nerve impingement in the neck. Nerves that make the shoulder and arm work come from the brain, and exit the lower part of the neck travelling to the shoulder, down the arm, and through the wrist to […]

Lower Back Treatment

Low Back Pain is a leading cause of seeking medical care. You could be suffering from an acute problem from yard work, or a more chronic problem that has been with you much of your life. Dr. Ehle has a variety of natural tools that can offer some help to an ailing back. He has […]


Hip pain and leg pain can be crippling. The source of the pain can be degeneration in the spine, hip and/or knee. Most often the pain is due to sciatic nerve impingement/inflammation. Sciatic nerve pain is infamous…often called psychotic nerve pain because almost no medication makes it feel better and it vexes everyday life. Our […]

Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain is deeply concerning to athletes. The only way a knee performs well is to have all the musculature around the knee performing well. It is the muscles not the ligaments that hold the knee together while walking or running. If you fall and injure the knee you may think the trauma to the […]

Heel & Foot Pain Treatment

Heel pain or plantar fascitis can sure be an aggravating way to start the day. Stepping down on the floor and having a searing pain run through the foot is not the way to produce a morning smile. The feet are the foundation of the body. If the feet are not working well it is […]


Wrist pain with hand numbness may be carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel has several possible origins. The wrist bones could be out of place causing a restriction of the median nerve. Other issues can be arthritis of the wrist, thyroid problems, water retention, and nerve impingement of the neck…all produce wrist and hand pain. Doctor […]


Disc herniation, disc degeneration and disc injuries can cause terrible pain… whether it involves the neck or low back. There are many presentations of pain that can be due to a disc problem. What seems like simple low back pain may be pain due to disc bulge and disc inflammation. You may also have leg […]


What is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is the diagnosis given for generalized chronic muscle pain. Not long ago many in the medical community did not think this problem existed. Now, the diagnosis is ubiquitous… it is the common place diagnosis given to muscle pain, it is the arthritis of muscles. The problem is… what do you do […]

Pregnancy & Pediatric Treatment

Pregnancy…expecting a child is a wonderful time in life. Building a family is exciting and making a legacy is rewarding. There is stress and concerns that accompany such a blessed time. There is extra physical stress on mom both physically and mentally.  The special dietary needs aimed at staying healthy and providing a healthy environment […]

Car Accident Injury Treatment

Car and work accident injuries, heavy lifting, and falls respond to our care. The trauma to the spine and joints can cause ongoing problems for years to come if not cared for.  Proper treatment can restore the health of the sprained tissues, reduce scar formation and return your health.  Many of us will shrug off […]