Disc herniation, disc degeneration and disc injuries can cause terrible pain… whether it involves the neck or low back. There are many presentations of pain that can be due to a disc problem. What seems like simple low back pain may be pain due to disc bulge and disc inflammation. You may also have leg pain, knee pain, foot pain, groin pain, hip pain or thigh pain all being signs of a disc problem… a bulging, inflamed or herniated disc.

You may be experiencing neck pain, arm pain, or feel like a screw driver is stuck between your shoulder blades, all this can be from a disc problem in the neck. The treatment must be carefully selected so as to not magnify the pain and provide relief. Dr. Ehle uses spinal decompression therapy along with specific manual therapies to reduce the impingement and relieve the pain. Dr. Ehle has over 25 years experience treating acute and chronic disc problems. AK muscle testing… isolating the nerve that is impinged which is causing weakness and pain is the first key to providing specific treatment to the level of the spine that is causing the problem. Selecting the treatment protocol which provides relief and minimizes aggravation to the inflamed nerve is paramount. Acupuncture by itself often reduces the pain from a nerve impingement. Patients often come to our office looking for acupuncture (somewhat reticent about spinal manipulation) and many get the relief they are looking for with this one approach to nerve pain.

Dr. Ehle likes to use a global approach that includes spinal decompression to relieve the compressed nerve, spinal manipulation to gently reduce the impingement by restoring the vertebra to correct biomechanical function. Acupuncture, massage and other manual therapies may be used to reduce the fascial/muscle impingement and reduce inflammation along the path of the nerve. This approach increases the success rate to relieve your pain and restore your health.