Disc herniation, degeneration, and injuries can cause excruciating pain, whether they affect the neck or the lower back. There are numerous manifestations of pain that can be attributed to disc problems. What may initially seem like simple low back pain could actually be caused by a disc bulge or inflammation. Similarly, leg pain, knee pain, foot pain, groin pain, hip pain, or thigh pain can all indicate a disc issue, such as a bulging, inflamed, or herniated disc.

Neck pain, arm pain, or a sensation akin to a stuck screwdriver between your shoulder blades can also be attributed to a disc problem in the neck. It is crucial to select treatment methods carefully to avoid exacerbating the pain while providing relief. Dr. Ehle employs spinal decompression therapy in conjunction with targeted manual therapies to alleviate impingement and alleviate pain. With over 25 years of experience in treating acute and chronic disc problems, Dr. Ehle utilizes AK muscle testing to isolate the impinged nerve responsible for weakness and pain. This allows for specific treatment targeting the precise level of the spine causing the issue. The treatment protocol is chosen to prioritize relief and minimize irritation to the inflamed nerve. Acupuncture alone often reduces pain stemming from nerve impingement. Many patients who initially seek acupuncture (possibly hesitant about spinal manipulation) find the relief they seek through this approach to nerve pain.

How do you treat a disc problem?

Dr. Ehle favors a comprehensive approach that incorporates spinal decompression to alleviate compressed nerves, spinal manipulation to gently reduce impingement by restoring proper biomechanical function to the vertebrae. Additionally, acupuncture, massage, and other manual therapies may be employed to reduce fascial and muscle impingement and diminish inflammation along the path of the affected nerve. This holistic approach significantly enhances the success rate of pain relief and restoration of overall health.