Wrist Pain Treatment in Amarillo, TX

What is wrist pain with hand numbness?

Wrist pain accompanied by hand numbness is often associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, which can stem from various causes. Misalignment of the wrist bones can compress the median nerve and lead to these symptoms. Additionally, conditions such as wrist arthritis, thyroid disorders, water retention, or nerve compression in the neck can also result in wrist and hand pain. Dr. Ehle specializes in effectively treating a wide range of underlying causes of wrist and hand pain. If your condition does not show prompt improvement, he will refer you to the appropriate healthcare professional for further evaluation and care.

What are the treatment options for wrist pain?

Treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome and similar conditions may include:

  1. Chiropractic adjustments: Gentle adjustments to the affected wrist and hand may help relieve pressure on the median nerve and reduce symptoms.
  2. Splinting: Wearing a wrist splint or brace can help keep the wrist in a neutral position, reducing strain on the median nerve and providing support.
  3. Therapeutic exercises: Specific exercises and stretches can improve wrist strength, flexibility, and overall function.
  4. Ergonomic modifications: Assessing and modifying your workspace or daily activities to ensure proper ergonomics can help alleviate symptoms and prevent further aggravation.
  5. Lifestyle changes: Making adjustments to your daily habits, such as taking breaks during repetitive activities and practicing proper hand and wrist posture, can help alleviate symptoms and prevent recurrence.
  6. Other modalities: Chiropractors may also incorporate other therapies such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, or cold laser therapy to aid in pain relief and tissue healing.