New Patient


We are glad you are choosing us to help you with your health care.  It is not an easy decision to venture into a new doctors office.  Our hope is to make the experience one that rewards you with feeling better.  We will make every effort to achieve that goal…if there is a hiccup along the way please inform us so that your experience is the best.

What to expect

On your first visit there will be forms that need to be completed and insurance verified.  To make your first visit less filled with paperwork, please consider filling out the forms ahead of time.  There is a printable version below.  This can be done on your desktop or phone.

Dr. Ehle will conduct a history of your condition, conduct an exam and take X-rays if indicated.  Dr. Ehle likes to begin treatment on your first visit if possible.  Sometimes it is not possible due to questions regarding your condition and/or insurance.  Our hope is that you gain some relief from the treatment your first day (most patients do) but everyone is different.  The complexity of your condition and the length of time since onset may affect the outcome.


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