Our Story

We have some exciting news – after 25 years, Ehle Chiropractic has a new name and look! We chose the name “Ascent Chiropractic” because it implies both a journey and steps. Combining these 2 ideas forms our mission statement: “health is a journey that is traveled one step at a time”.

Earlier this year my wife, Frances and I hiked the Inca Trail (4 days/3 nights) to Machu Picchu. It was a challenging/difficult experience but so rewarding. Much like life, the journey was the destination! We made progress as we took one step at a time. We would look back down the mountain and be amazed at how far we had come. This trip not only served as inspiration for the changes but gave us a renewed purpose to encourage and educate you to take the steps towards a health that allows you to enjoy your passions and dreams for years to come.

Chiropractic care is a step in the journey to be healthy. When the bones of our spine lose normal movement or get out of place pain results and the function of the nervous system affecting the muscles and organs in the body is impaired. Spinal adjustments help align, add motion and stability to the disc joints. This allows the body to heal itself: relieving pain and inflammation, reducing stress and restoring the function of our nervous system.

We want you to feel your best. Relieving your pain and getting you moving is just the beginning. Other steps that will impact your health and healing include basic life choices, such as how you move, eat and think. We encourage you to look at these areas and see what changes you can make (even the small steps can make a difference). Step up and improve your health everyday with better choices.