Fibromyalgia Treatment in Amarillo, TX

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is the diagnosis given for generalized chronic muscle pain. Not long ago many in the medical community did not think this problem existed. Now, the diagnosis is ubiquitous… it is the common place diagnosis given to muscle pain, it is the arthritis of muscles. The problem is… what do you do for it, how do you fix it? Fibromyalgia is not easily understood. The reason being, not many understand biochemistry, much less nutrition… the fundamental way every chemical reaction takes place in the body.

Dr. Ehle approaches fibromyalgia in 2 ways

The first is through the use of acupuncture (studies have shown a great deal of relief with the use of acupuncture), light manipulation, and cold laser therapy to offer some immediate band-aid relief. Secondly, to set a course for long term health and vitality that will day by day offer to restore the picture of health that you once had.

Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are simply two sides of the same coin. Fatigue makes every day a struggle and fibromyalgia a misery. Waking up tired, and forcing yourself to get up and grind out the day, gets really old. Collapsing after work, when the family needs time and attention, is one of the greatest tolls of fatigue. In most cases of fatigue the problem is either a deficiency or toxicity. The challenge is to figure out which it is. Dr. Ehle starts with evaluating blood studies to make sure no obvious problem has been overlooked. Often the blood studies are completely normal, and yet you still feel absolutely miserable. This is where Neuromuscular Response Testing (NMR) may reveal some insights. NMR challenges help to discern organ and biochemical pathways that are under stress. NMR testing is non-invasive, and very easy to perform; making it very desirable in a clinical setting. During NMR testing, the body is challenged with various nutrients, chemicals, foods and hormones so the subtle excess or deficiencies can be detected. The mechanism that causes sore chronic muscle pain also produces chronic fatigue. There are a variety of issues that can produce the outcome of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia (CFFM). Thyroid dysfunction, chronic fungal infection, gut dysbiosis, and chronic nutrient deficiency are some of the most common problems faced by a person with CFFM.