Heel & Foot Pain Treatment in Amarillo TX

Heel pain or plantar fascitis can sure be an aggravating way to start the day. Stepping down on the floor and having a searing pain run through the foot is not the way to produce a morning smile. The feet are the foundation of the body. If the feet are not working well it is hard for the knees, pelvis and spine to be mechanically sound. The feet are highly dependent on the integrity of the muscles of the feet and lower leg to insure proper function and prevent injury and strain. Heel pain is a classic example of what happens when poor biomechanics and spinal instability produce pain with no known cause. Poor mechanics of the feet produces pelvic and lumbar instability. When that occurs the nerves of the spine become irritated or worse become impinged producing a mild sciatica. It is a quiet sciatica when you do not feel the pain of sciatic inflammation. Pain or no pain of the low back and leg, the muscles of the foot need to be tested to see if /the foot is working well. Most often the sciatic nerve is a component of the heel pain.