Car Accident Injury Treatment

Car and work accident injuries, heavy lifting, and falls respond to our care. The trauma to the spine and joints can cause ongoing problems for years to come if not cared for.  Proper treatment can restore the health of the sprained tissues, reduce scar formation and return your health.  Many of us will shrug off the immediate pain with the thought ‘it will heal and go away’ only to find a month later we are not sleeping well and deeper issues have appeared.

Auto accidents have the force to injure deep ligament along the spine and joints.  The sudden trauma easily injures delicate soft tissues like the brain and spinal cord.  Cars and truck are heavy and the speed they travel produce a force that the body cannot handle well.  It is so important to wear seat belts to save your life in a serious accident.  However, seat belts and the way they traverse across the body will produce much of the injury in a less than fatal accident.

Dr Ehle has post graduate training in the treatment of auto accident injuries through the Croft Personal Injury Institute.  He understands the importance of correct, thorough treatment to minimize future weakness due to the injury.