Corona Virus Precautions

Our office is taking steps to stop the spread of the COVID-19.

Your health is important to us so we have instituted a more stringent policy of wiping down tables, washing hands often, cleaning door handles, disinfecting counter tops, sterilizing the office daily.   We hope you are doing the same around your home.  As most of us know hand washing and not touching your face, eyes, and mouth are vitally important (probably the MOST effective way) to prevent the spread of infection.  The use of your cell phone (laying it down on tables and using it while you are running errands (touching doors, credit card machines, shopping baskets, money, etc.) is a huge vector.  Determine to be more personally aware of what you are touching.

What to do for virus infection?

Many viruses have a lipid (fat) coating.  COVID-19 does.  Breaking down the lipid coating disarms/kills the virus.  Simple hand soap does this, that is why washing hands is so important.  In this dry region your hands will begin to dry out due to washing.  Using Coconut oil as a moisturizer is helpful.  Coconut oil is made up of 50% Lauric Acid.  Lauric Acid is a fatty acid that is known to break down the lipid coatings of many viruses and bacteria.  Using coconut oil will not only keep your hands softer but will also help keep the skin healthier and more viral resistant.

Monolaurn is a product made from Lauric Acid that breaks down/kills lipid coated viruses and bacteria.  Taken internally can reduce the symptoms of viral infection.

Zinc taken orally has many antiviral properties.

Vitamins A/C/D are immune enhancing vitamins.  All of them are very important during the fall and winter months when viruses are more prevalent.