Pregnancy & Pediatric Treatment - Amarillo TX

Pregnancy…expecting a child is a wonderful time in life. Building a family is exciting and making a legacy is rewarding. There is stress and concerns that accompany such a blessed time. There is extra physical stress on mom both physically and mentally.  The special dietary needs aimed at staying healthy and providing a healthy environment for baby can make this a challenging time. Often the added burden of carrying a baby along with hormonal changes stresses the low back and pelvis producing low back pain. Chiropractic adjustments and massage helps a new mother to manage the effects of all these changes.

The third trimester may be the most difficult.  The baby has grown, putting more weight stress leveraged in front of the body.  The changes in hormones that prepares the body for delivery, loosen the ligaments that hold the pelvis and spine together.  These factors may stress the pelvic structures and produce pain.  Toward the end of the third trimester there is a need for the baby to be head down in preparation for birth.  Occasionally there is dysfunction in the pelvis and sacrum that restrict baby from taking a head down presentation.  Dr Ehle uses a Webster like technique to relax the ligaments and realign the sacrum allowing baby to rotate head down.

Pediatrics…caring for your new baby, especially your first child, often provides anxious moments.  Acute illness with fever, sore throat, etc. is best handled by a pediatrician or a specialist in family medicine.  Dr Eric Ehle is wonderful choice.  He does what he can to use natural methods but when needed will use conventional medicine.  For chronic issues like constipation, reflux, colic, torticollis and mis-shaped head chiropractic care does an incredible job.  Dr Robert Ehle enjoys working with baby’s because they respond so quickly…their little bodies are full of healing.